Our story

back to basics

changing course for a new life

He's Portuguese. She is Belgian.
Lovers of nature and the great outdoors, they enjoy exploring their surroundings and meeting new people.

The story began a few years ago, when they set foot on Portuguese soil, its land and its roots. They encountered authenticity, traditions and the unconventional.  They loved the people, the colours, the light, the smells. Inspiring nature called them on each of their journeys : the burning sun and the rainy days, the mountains and the white sandy beaches, the rivers, the centuries-old oaks, the valleys, the swallows, the waves, the vineyards and the arid plains.

So they began to dream and look at the stones, the land and the views that lay there. She saw the ruins, he saw the sea. She saw the flowering lianas in the middle of the rubble, he saw the waves and smelt the foam. They wanted to declutter their lives, make space to breathe and relearn simplicity. They chose his Portuguese soil, whose rural character reminded them of her Belgian Ardennes.

And in 2016, they found a piece of the planet waiting for them : a ruin in the middle of a land, with fruit trees and distant sea views. For 3 years, they pushed open doors, they negotiated, they laughed, they cried, they dug, they drilled, they planted,...
They built their project day by day.

And CASA LINEAR was born.

A house in which they have added their personal touches and where they want you to feel at home. They will welcome you personally, with a few tips and good addresses in the region, before letting you enjoy the quiet for a relaxing stay with family or friends.